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About us

Our mission is to enable manufacturers in Singapore to take practical first steps towards a Zero Carbon Factory. Our solutions help customers to measure, monitor and improve their sustainability performance in areas such as energy, carbon and waste management.

Shin Seiki is a new business arm of Ichi Seiki, an established precision engineering equipment supplier with over 35 years of experience. Ichi Seiki provides solutions to optimise production productivity, while Shin Seiki delivers resource efficiency at the factory level. 

Together, we blend time-tested professionalism and reliability, with cutting-edge sustainable methodologies and technologies, to support our customers in making their Industry 4.0 dreams a reality. 

We Work

At Shin Seiki, we start every customer journey with a one-to-one conversation to understand your needs. We assess your operations and identify areas with the greatest potential for carbon reduction and cost savings, in order to offer a tailored solution with optimal outcomes. 

We collaborate with trusted partners who have a proven track record, to deliver a one-stop solution for manufacturers. For SME manufacturers, our team brings technical expertise and project management support to help customers access government grants and co-funding.

Our Impact

Annual Carbon Emissions Abated



Number of Projects Delivered



Variable Speed Drive Air Compressor

Upgrade from fixed-speed compressors to VSD (inverter) compressed air systems.

Energy Efficient Air-Conditioner

Upgrade to 5-ticks split unit and/or VRF air-conditioning systems.

Automated Coolant Management

Adopt Will-Fill Coolant Management Device that automates mixing, refilling, monitoring and reporting.

Energy Efficiency Grant (EEG)

The EEG aims to support businesses in their sustainability journey by co-funding investments in energy efficient equipment. Let Shin Seiki guide you in securing up to 70% support on your equipment upgrade.

From upgrading air compressors to air-conditioning systems, Shin Seiki offers customised one-stop solutions that promise to lower electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Take your first step towards a Factory 4.0 future today.

For more information on EEG, head to NEA’s website

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Enquire with us about a solution or the NEA EEG.

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